How to Create Personalized Content for your Social Media Marketing!


Why is it important and how to get started!

Have you thought of a way to speak differently to each of your website visitors based on their interests?
Using content personalization, you can speak differently to each visitor, making them realize the page was specifically designed to attain their needs. 75% of your audience is more likely to buy products from a company that gives you recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Personalized marketing, also called individual marketing is a strategy under which companies carry our data analysis and digital technology to deliver personalized messages and product offerings to your target audience and prospective customers.

Marketing automation messages or emails can be sent to customers who have left an online shopping cart or delivering customized content to a prospect based on his past behavior.
At times, depending on the customer’s behavior, the website content accordingly changes and only relevant information and products are shown. The language changes depending upon the user’s location; these are examples of personalized marketing.

How can personalized content drive social media campaigns to generate engagements and convert more and more leads into conversions?
Read on to know more!

Perceive thy target audience.

To figure what kind of content your target audience prefers, you first need to know your target audience. Many businesses fall apart because they don’t understand which segment of prospects would be interested in their products and services. For example, a skateboard company wouldn’t want to target an audience beyond the age of 60, because an audience of that age group wouldn’t be interested in any stunts.
Once you are clear with your segment of the audience, you can then better understand the type of content they would resonate with.

Understand the platforms they utilize.

The next step in this process is to analyze where your segment of audience absorbs content from; this would help you move on with your marketing strategy. Once you know your target audience, you can then identify which medium or social media marketing channel would be the most instrumental in helping you reach them. Factors like age, gender, likes, dislikes coming into place while deciding the right platform to target them. For example, a skateboard company you use platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook,to post their personalized content, preferably appealing graphics and videos. Some segments of the audience are likely to open an email compared to a social media ad, this audience can be classified as the corporate working group and are in the age group of 25-50 years. For example, B2B buyers are more likely to be active on LinkedIn than Instagram.

Engage your audience

To make your audience feel truly special and connected to your brand, you need to be in touch with them over social media and find out how can your company be beneficial to their needs. What are the issues that your products or services can resolve? What type of content do they really desire and relate to, that you aren’t offering?
If you validate their everyday concerns by reaching out to them and engaging them on a daily basis, then voila, you certainly are on the right track!

Understand that personalization is a long-term process

Rome was certainly not built in a day. Personalization a continuous process that needs analysis every now and then as to how well your business is responding to it. Today, there are many social media metrics available via which you can tracks your business’s engagements, reach, clicks, impressions, etc
The only aim of this is to build and maintain a strong connection with your prospective customers and cement the trust by maintaining a long term business association.

To sum up, creating content that your customers can relate and appeal to can do wonders and change the game for your business.
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