Hold that off! 3 Top Considerations Before Buying a VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System
VoIP Phone System

Knowledge is power – or so they say. When it comes to business technology, it pays to know everythingbefore committing to anequipment that has the power to revolutionize how you do business. Let’s talk about VoIP systems. This tool is becoming increasingly popular these days. Businesses are now taking their traditional phone systems to this internet-based one. Here I will highlight 3 things you need to consider before getting a VoIP phone system.

  1. Your Internet Service.It’s extremely important with VoIP to have a steady internet connection. VoIP runs exclusively over the internet, which means you need to have fast bandwidth to go along for clear calls.

Your bandwidth depends on the plan/package you enrolled with your service provider. I recommend at least 87 kbps for Full Quality Audio and 33 kbps for compressed Audio for calls. Before transitioning to a VoIP phone system, you have to make sure that your present internet service can work with the new system. If not, you have to discuss your need with your service provider.

  1. Your Present Hardware. VoIP phone systems work over the internet. It might not be compatible with any software or hardware that you may have from your current phone system. Transitioning to a VoIP phone system requires procurement of new technology and equipment.

For example, old telephones that your office is currently using won’t work on a VoIP system unless they’re programmed. You may program them using an ATA (analog telephone adapter) or better yet, using a new VoIP specific phone.

  1. What is your Budget? The first thing you should consider before transitioning from a phone system to another is budget. Like what I mentioned above, you need to increase your bandwidth or purchase a new one together with a VoIP phone system. You may opt for affordable VoIP deals offered by iiNet. These added expenses should be planned out when creating your budget.

Your budget also comes into play when it comes to VoIP calling features. Some VoIP suppliers provide calling features outright, some don’t. They may allow you to customize features, but this can mean more per feature. It’s important to understand what your budget is and what you can afford every month, so you can pick the services and features that are not only important to your business success, but that you can afford as well.

What’s great about a VoIP phone system is that recurrentupkeep and updates on your system is typically handled by your provider. That means you don’t need to worry about these expensive costs that are typical occurrence with a traditional phone system. This gives you the ability to create a controllable and expected monthly bill for your system.If you’re looking to establish your own VoIP system soon, then you don’t need to go over an agencybecause it’s readily available online for ease of access.

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