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A Beginner’s Guide to NRL Betting

Competitive spirit, risk-taking ability and the associated adrenaline rush are the driving factors that bring people into the world of betting. Among the various kinds of betting, sports betting is the most popular one. Predicting the outcomes of multiple sports and placing a bet on it is called sports betting.

NRL Game

While sports betting is a universal activity, the sports chosen for betting is often culturally specific. In Australia, the National Rugby League is one of the most popular betting sports and with the next season around the corner, people are eager for predictions & tips on the NRLs 2021 season to place informed bets.

This article aims to enlighten readers about options and ways of betting this season.


National Rugby League is Australia’s topmost men’s rugby league competition. It consists of 16 teams, out of which 15 is from Australia, and one is from New Zealand. The NRL attracts almost 3 million spectators and about 10 million television viewers each year.

The NRL season begins in the second week of March and finishes by the first week of September each year. With 24 games played by 16 teams, NRL consists of 192 matches in total.


There are various types of betting options available. Here are the most popular ones:

Head to Head Betting: Also called two-way betting, it is the simplest form of betting. It is picking one of the results out of the two options available. In simple words, it is the bet where the wagerer wins upon choosing the winner of the game in advance.

Margin Betting: In margin betting, the bookmaker splits up the bet’s outcomes into- the winner and the margin by which they win. The wagerer wins only upon predicting both the outcomes correctly.

Line Betting: Done on games having only two possible outcomes; in line betting, one team is made a favourite, and another is made an underdog. A favourite is expected to win the game, and the underdog is expected to lose. T

he favourite will get a minus sign by its odds, while the underdog will get a plus sign. If a particular team is 8 pointer favourite, then the team should win by 9 points or more for a wagerer who bet on this team to win. If the team wins by 8 points,  it is called a push, and the wagerer gets the money he originally bets. If the team wins by  7 or fewer points, then the wagerer loses.

Tips available on betting websites can give the bettors an idea about the different matches, and thus, they can make informed bets.

First Try Scorer Betting:  It involves betting on the team which will first strike to the opponent’s gate or even on the first player who strikes.

Payment Options

Most betting websites offer multiple payment options, like

Credit card – It is the most popular money depositing method used by every betting website.

Paypal – People can utilise this method to transfer funds without revealing their personal information.

POLi Instant Transfer– An alternative to credit cards, POLi allows users to transfer money directly to bookmakers account without any transfer fee.

BPAY Transfer– Using each website’s biller code, money can be transferred

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