For people living in India, the PAN card is an eagerly awaited document in their life. It is the document that enables them to conduct financial transactions in their own name. A fact that you would require the PAN card to open a bank account in your name is something that brings to understanding the importance of this document. However, you need to keep a track of the status of your PAN card after you have submitted all the documentation to the appropriate authorities. Tracking the PAN card status is something that needs to be done early on, and it is a very simplified process. Furthermore, there are a lot of important information that comes accompanied with your PAN card, so it is very important for you to know more about it.


Pan Card Status

The PAN card is a simple document, made out of hardened plastic, and contains unique identity that becomes truly essential for any financial transactions. Issued by the income tax department of India, the PAN card is valid pan India, irrespective of any change of address of your residence. It is due to the importance associated with financial transactions that than card is highly coveted document amongst the Indian residents.

What are the necessities for using the PAN card?

  1. You need a PAN card in order to open new bank accounts as well as provide KYC documents to maintain the old one.
  2. The PAN card is necessary in order to pay taxes, be it direct tax, sales tax, or income tax returns.
  3. It provides important TDS documentation for the individuals and corporations.
  4. It can permit the deposit of over Rs. 50,000 at a single transaction in the banks.
  5. Any kind of sale and purchase of vehicles, immovable and movable properties should take place with the presence of the PAN card of both parties.


So, now that you understand the necessity of PAN card, it is important for you to know how you are going to get it.

Documentation of the PAN card: –

You can download the PAN card initiation form from the websites of UTI and NSDL. You could also visit any card offices in your city or in your vicinity, and get the forms. Fill them up in the presence of the officer, or in the comfort of your own house, and deposit them along with form 49A. This form is necessary for all the citizens that will apply for the PAN card.

In case there are any kind of problems of rectification that is to be done on the new PAN card, then it should be taken care of at the earliest. You could go online to put forward a complaint in that regard, and you would be able to track PAN card status from the website itself.

How can you track the PAN card status?

Since the inculcation of Digital India, the government of India has taken it upon themselves to introduce a wide variety of reforms that enable them to go online for all the small things. Previously, tracking the PAN card was a known entity, as you would have had to wait for the official document to reach you, or file a complaint after waiting for two months from the date of submission of PAN card documents. Now, websites such as that of UTI or NSDL will be able to provide you with your PAN card status at the click of a mouse. You’ll also be able to find the status with the help of tracking method from the e-Mudhra website.

Step by step instruction to track your PAN card status: –

  1. You need to first click on the PAN card status link in the UTI website.
  2. After doing so, you would be diverted to the tracking application found in the UTI portal. Select the type of PAN card option that you have provided, namely
  3. New application which is F49A,
  4. Form 49AA
  5. Since you’re tracking your PAN card for the very first time, you need to select the first option, which is F49A. You will be able to see the status of your PAN card. In case you have applied for the duplicate PAN card, or you would need corrections done to the existing PAN card, then you need to select the third option which is CSF.
  6. After this, you need to enter the unique 15 digit number which accompanies your PAN card, and upon clicking the submit button, you would be able to witness your current PAN card status.

Likewise, there are other websites mentioned in which you would be able to select the options in a similar note, and get the PAN card status provided to you within no time.

If all else fails, then there are customer care numbers that you can call in order to get a confirmation on your current PAN card status.