Happy Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world on second Sunday in the month of May. The day is dedicated to all the mothers for their love and care towards their children. Right from the birth, mothers form a natural bond with their kids. Right from feeding them to make them sleep, mothers take care of their children like no one else in the family. And thus to honor


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Tips for Capturing Stunning Photos

We live in a technological age where we have the luxury to capture tangible memories in the form of photographs, especially considering most smartphones have excellent quality cameras. When point and shoot cameras were first introduced, they revolutionised the way people use photography in everyday life, with consumers marveling at their quality and convenience, but unfortunately their usefulness has been disregarded in recent years. This is unwarranted when you consider

Money for a Charity Online

Crowdfunding. That’s the answer to the question. If you want to raise money for your favorite charity online, leading charity partners say that crowdfunding is the way to go. It has become one of the main ways to raise money on the internet in the past few years. Sites like GoFundMe and others are meant for everyone to use, whether for personal funding or otherwise. Others have been created specifically

Solar Need to Feel Like the Future of Energy

The importance of fossil fuels can’t be denied. Without fossil fuels, technology, industry and much of our way of life would not be possible. It’s because of fossil fuels that we were able to create the modern manufacturing industries that in turn allowed us to manufacture goods in a much faster and streamlined way. This forever changed the way that we develop products in mass quantities at an unprecedented rate.

Rise of eSports

Source: HWA Gaming via Facebook The rise of eSports is relentless and cannot be ignored. eSports, or electronic sports, is structured competition based around video gaming. In societies where technology is ever present, it is not surprising that it has filtered into the world of sport. Yet to be formally recognised as a sport, eSports nevertheless holds many of the qualities of the world’s most popular sporting activities. Unsurprisingly, the growth

Ford’s Self Driving Cars Still on Track

As the world hurtles on towards the next decade of the 21st century, technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, changing our lives in ways we never thought possible. It should come as no surprise to anybody that cars, just like phones, are undergoing some pretty heavy-duty changes right now. While cars are certainly fancier now than they might have been fifty years ago, up until very recently, they

Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping is quickly outpacing brick and mortar stores as the preferred method to buy nearly everything. Here are some great tips about how to stay smart and savvy while filling up your virtual shopping cart: Only shop from well-known websites or those that are recommended and highly rated. Look for a phone number and physical street address to verify that the website you’re shopping on has a legitimate place

How To Do Your Health A Favor While Not Doing Anything At All

What if you could significantly improve your health without actively doing anything? Well, you can. And you’re already spending 6-8 hours on this non-activity anyway. So, I’m talking about sleep of course. But I’m not going to tell you that sleeping at all is important for your health. Everyone knows that. What many people seem to forget, however, is the way they sleep is important too. For once, it’s crucial

Fine Jewelry Will Never Lose Its Charm

Many fine jewelry lovers feel that there is no point in spending huge amounts of money simply on fashionable clothing when in reality; you could spend the same amount of money in buying something that you would love and enjoy using throughout your life. Fine jewelry is the way to go. It is as good as investing in art. You could purchase a fine jewelry piece and own it forever.

Math is Really Involved in Gambling

Math has always represented the language of the confused for some. From simple division to complicated fractions, there isn’t much about math that’s attractive outside of counting the money in your piggy bank. But is there really a lot of math involved in the art of gambling? You put a penny in the slot machine and you either win when you pull the lever on the slot or you lose.