Whatsapp the world famous cross platform messaging application is now close to having a billion users. The application was purchased by facebook two years and since then the platform has been revamped with several updates. Whatsapp has competition from other messenger applications such as Line, Telegram and Viber. Though these companies have not been able to overtake Whatsapp, they have established their own loyal customer base and innovative tools on

Whatsapp Released Many New Features in the Beta Version Whatsapp Released Many New Features in the Beta Version

To make it more interesting and increase the user base, the instant messenger app WhatsApp has launched many new features in its platform. They have released the new feature in both Apple and Android version that helps both the users to customize their messaging experience. The app has around one billion monthly users and was acquired by the popular social networking media, Facebook in 2014. The app was keen on

power Airwheel electric hoverboard M3

The first skateboard was made by the citizens living in coastal areas in Southern California. It has undergone continuous refinement in materials, elasticity and sliding function in an effort to enhance user experience and make the technical skateboard tricks easier. The debut of Airwheel M3 electric drift hoverboard enjoys widespread popularity and has caused a sensation in the sector. Skateboard evolves from surfing at sea in the 1950s and has

Rituals Women

We continue to live in a male-dominated, patriarchal society. However, women are becoming more vocal and they are starting to take up increasingly important leadership positions. Women are changing the face of the business world by adding their own unique perspective to it, not in the least because they are able to achieve a greater work/life balance. Rituals Women Have Men often wonder how it is possible that a woman

Charles Phillips and Business Software

When you first meet an important person, it is interesting to see the things that stand out about them. Take Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, for instance. The first thing you will notice is his height. At 6’3”, he’s hard to miss. He is also impeccably dressed and moves incredibly gracefully. You can really tell that, before he became the tech mogul that he is today, he was a U.S. Marine

Infor CEO Charles Phillips

There are not many in the business industry that makes an impact like Charles Phillips. His techniques are revolutionary, unique and quite aggressive. We are looking at an individual that always looked ahead. Charles Phillips, Oracle’s president at one point in time and current Infor CEO now has a vision of creating a global supply-chain that works directly from the cloud. Infor is close to getting this done, creating that

The Evolution of Unified Communication in 2016 Revealed

Unified Communications (UC) was deployed at an alarming rate during 2015. UK based expert on the subject has revealed what they believe 2016 will have in store from it. A recent report by UK based unified communication (UC) expert Nexus OS demonstrated that some 68% of companies now have some form of UC as part of their operations. They also expect that the value of this market will be some

Driving Technology

One of the exciting developments in recent years has been how emerging economies have been able to leapfrog directly into the frontline of the digital revolution. While developed nations have struggled in different ways with the transition from traditional manufacturing or service industries to an internet-based economy, those nations yet to fully develop along traditional economic lines have been able to respond far more rapidly to the transformative potential of

Mobile Sites That Use Huge App Install Ads

Google’s new update, which down the rank websites with app install advertise. While searching mobile browsing, huge app install pop-ups really irritates to user.  Google recognized that drawback and announced that that it will soon search engine cracks down sites that do this. That type of giant download application ads really annoying. So Google starts down ranking that type of websites. It will starts from 1 November, mobile websites that

Reviews About Cubot X15 5.5 Inch 4G Phablet

Cubot is one of the famous Android Smartphone manufacturer in the phone market for marketing the fastest and largest growing company in the world. Cubot X15 is one of the recently announced Smartphone that has many innovative technology equipped in it. Cubot X15 is a 4G Smartphone with the MT6735A Quad Core CPU featured. Most people like to get the design and the features included in the Smartphone. The Smartphone