iPhone 7 And 7 Things You Didn’t Know About It

Apple has recently launched its brand new Apple 7 version and as its usual it has caused huge attention and an even larger number of pre-orders and orders in the circle of Apple fans all over the world. These phones today have so many revolutionary features that enlisting all of them would be a hard task. However Apple 7 has a whole bunch of secrets which are not that public,

PopSLATE and Plastic Logic lead the field in covers for the iPhone5S

You may have missed the Christmas rush, but don’t worry the iPhone5S is going to be around for a while yet. That gives you plenty of opportunities to pick up some cutting edge extras until they release the next gen iPhone, that is. So currently, is it all about form or is functionality just as important to tech-savvy consumers? We’ve been looking at what’s available and one particular concept has

Camera Resolution 12 Megapixels for the iPhone 5S

Rumors speak of improved sensor The Apple knows the tricks of marketing better than anyone and with selective leaks care to maintain the interest of the upcoming smartphone, now that competition has powerful. The new So rumor, leaked via a partner company and of course neither denied nor confirmed the camera of iPhone 5S or whatever it is called. The analysis we will reach 12 megapixels and the sensor will

next iPhone is coming in August

Apple is preparing to release the next generation iPhone and iPad devices, according to rumors leaked from technology website iMore. The website claims that the iPhone 5S expected in August, talks about release of iPad mini next April. The sources iMore not stop there, revealing that the design of the iPhone 5S will differ from that of the iPhone 5, but it has better features, such as faster processor and