Top 3 Apps for Better Employee Tracking

Wouldn’t you agree that people are finding smarter ways to trick technology? Some time ago, employers were using PC monitoring apps to keep track of their employees’ productivity. They could check their browser history, email history, etc. to make sure that they were working and not wasting precious time. Then, employees evolved and found ways of using the company’s Wi-Fi for personal browsing. However, employers have beaten smart employees by

Don’t pay brokers anymore: By Pass Them Using Smart Technology

For those who look for properties on rent, one of the biggest costs in the rentals is the brokerage fees. And the brokerage fees are reasonably high. So what are some smart things that you could do to avoid paying broker fees? Connecting with Like-Minded Community Usually, every area or state has some sort of online community whereby you can find like-minded people. There are many groups like Property without brokers

Zenfone C

The famous Asus has been for a while producing smartphone and now it has successfully put its step in the smartphone market in India. Now Asus has launched the final step of its Zenfone series. Its new Zenfone C is like the missing piece of the puzzle. In this latest launch Asus has considered the middle class and student groups in India as Zenfone C comes only in Rs 5999

The Jelly Bean is Installed on 13.6% of Android

The Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android is used by 13.6% of users despite the fact that it has been 7 months on the market. These data show the usage statistics of the various versions of Android. This low percentage shows the best way that Google faces problems in trying to persuade manufacturers to provide operational updates for their devices. Earlier versions like Froyo, clair, and Donut have quite

LG Optimus Pro G - top Smartphone Unveiled

Latest Qualcomm CPU, 13-megapixel cam and wireless store – LG”s new flagship model. Also this year, the smartphone maker to beat with the latest hardware and fancy packaging. LG goes in this race with its new top smartphone LG Optimus Pro G at the start. In Japan, the device is already available. In this country, we have to wait until at least April. But the wait might be worth it