Best Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are gaining popularity these days to their specialist high-end gaming components. Mainstream laptops are not that powerful in handling games. With the gaming laptops, gone are the mobile chips as replaced by the faster GPUs. There is a whole range of features of these laptops that may prompt to ditch out your old laptop. Arguably the hardest part of buying these laptops is knowing the right one. Faced

iPhone 7 And 7 Things You Didn’t Know About It

Apple has recently launched its brand new Apple 7 version and as its usual it has caused huge attention and an even larger number of pre-orders and orders in the circle of Apple fans all over the world. These phones today have so many revolutionary features that enlisting all of them would be a hard task. However Apple 7 has a whole bunch of secrets which are not that public,

Things to Consider While Buying a Smartphone

With launch of many smartphones daily in the market, people are confused as to which smartphone they should buy. They are having a wide range available to choose from and hence they are not able to pick one. To solve your issue, here are the things that your should look for while buying a smartphone. Build Quality Usually the handset is divided in two types of build quality―metal and plastic.

Importance of your Hard Drive

Whether you work from home or own a large company the information stored on your computer is invaluable and not something that you can replace easily. Technology gives you the false sense of security that you can place everything in a single storage unit and access it at any time without ever giving it a second thought. In the perfect world, this may hold true, but, in the real world, the likelihood

Tech Gifts that you can Gift Your Loved Ones

We now live in a digital era and this has changed our lives in many ways. Not only has advanced technology changed the way we do everything from enjoy entertainment and shop through to conduct business and socialise, it has also changed our habits when it comes to giving gifts to loved ones. In years gone by, buying gifts for a special someone meant trotting out the same old options

Top 3 Apps for Better Employee Tracking

Wouldn’t you agree that people are finding smarter ways to trick technology? Some time ago, employers were using PC monitoring apps to keep track of their employees’ productivity. They could check their browser history, email history, etc. to make sure that they were working and not wasting precious time. Then, employees evolved and found ways of using the company’s Wi-Fi for personal browsing. However, employers have beaten smart employees by

Get the Best Gadget Deals

There is no doubt that owning a new gadget gives most people a great feeling of satisfaction. This is especially so when you acquire the latest model of electronics that you love. However, the high cost at which most of these gadgets are offered in electronic stores often makes it impossible to purchase a new item. It is important to know, however, that there are many options that are now


Whatsapp the world famous cross platform messaging application is now close to having a billion users. The application was purchased by facebook two years and since then the platform has been revamped with several updates. Whatsapp has competition from other messenger applications such as Line, Telegram and Viber. Though these companies have not been able to overtake Whatsapp, they have established their own loyal customer base and innovative tools on

Whatsapp Released Many New Features in the Beta Version Whatsapp Released Many New Features in the Beta Version

To make it more interesting and increase the user base, the instant messenger app WhatsApp has launched many new features in its platform. They have released the new feature in both Apple and Android version that helps both the users to customize their messaging experience. The app has around one billion monthly users and was acquired by the popular social networking media, Facebook in 2014. The app was keen on

power Airwheel electric hoverboard M3

The first skateboard was made by the citizens living in coastal areas in Southern California. It has undergone continuous refinement in materials, elasticity and sliding function in an effort to enhance user experience and make the technical skateboard tricks easier. The debut of Airwheel M3 electric drift hoverboard enjoys widespread popularity and has caused a sensation in the sector. Skateboard evolves from surfing at sea in the 1950s and has

Future Holds for Smartphone Features

At one time smartphones were a luxury used by business professionals, tech junkies, and rich kids. Today, they are considered a necessity by the general public. How did we ever get places without Maps? How did we ever manage group conversations? What did we do for entertainment while we waited in lines? In the last few years, mobile device use has gone through the roof. Mobile now accounts for 65%

Best Smart Phones in the Market to Drool Over

If you are a lover of smart phones and can’t think your life without one then you must also know that with so many varieties of smart phones available in the market, buying one has become a confusing thing in today’s time.  There is a huge variety available in the market and with every passing day new models are getting released making it even more difficult for the buyers to